Witham Labs

After signing a PRN contract, the PRN office makes an initial call to Affinity and gives them your phone number to contact you and set up your account with them. They will send you information forms by US Mail for you to fill out. After you return those forms to CV, they will then call you and confirm that you are set up and confirm the lab you will use for testing.

You are required to call a toll free number for a random selection system Monday thru Friday, to know if you are to test that day. In addition, you must go to your designated lab before closing of that business day, to be tested. The results of the test will be available about 10 days after from the PRN office and copies will be sent to you for your files.

Both the PRN office and the cinical director receive copies of results. All test results are reviewed by the clinical director. You will be called if the results are positive, which means you are in non-compliance of your contract.

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